Students’ perceptions of reading response journals and MReader quizzes

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dc.description.abstract The reading response notebook has been regarded as an effective means of involving students in genuine reading and writing activities. I have implemented an extensive-reading response notebook in my reading-skills courses. This paper presents the rationale behind the use of this notebook in language learning and the procedures of my instruction. Students’ perceptions of their extensive reading and notebook-writing experiences are examined. Findings obtained from a small research study indicate that students give broad support to writing their responses in a dedicated notebook when reading fiction, and perceive the approach as a positive means of developing reading and writing skills. en
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dc.publisher 西南学院大学言語教育センター ja
dc.title Students’ perceptions of reading response journals and MReader quizzes en
dc.contributor.transcription ブラウン, ロナン ja
dc.publisher.alternative Seinan Gakuin University Center for Language Education ja
dc.type.niitype Departmental Bulletin Paper ja
dc.identifier.jtitle 西南学院大学言語教育センター紀要 ja
dc.identifier.volume 9 ja
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