Call "UCP" UCP when writing UCP -some suggestions to make UCP simpler or less confusing-

Show simple item record 武井, 俊詳 ja 2014-09-02T09:23:11Z 2014-09-02T09:23:11Z 2010-03
dc.identifier.issn 0286-2387
dc.description.abstract This paper discusses some problems about readability I find in ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits,2007 Revision,ICC Publication No. 600(UCP600),and suggests a set of guidelines for writing a more user-friendly UCP.The set of guidelines are mainly based on that of legal writing in plain English,mainly because I regard UCP as a rulebook. UCP600 is certainly an improved version compared with UCP500,especially in terms of "Plain English".However,it is still on the way to be a version of complete plain words. It has quite a few problems of "surplus words","the passive voice","elegant variations",and so forth. They are among the disturbing or incongruous elements of plain English style advocated by Wydick(1998). The style of UCP600 seems to be a little too prose-like rather than that of a rulebook. The style,on the one hand,increases readability to some extent; however,it often produces slightly circumlocutory sentences,resulting in insidious and creaky prose. The first chapter of this paper refers to some improvements I find in UCP600. The second discusses some readability problems of UCP600,including "surplus words","the passive voice",and "elegant variations". The third advances some suggestions for improvements. The fourth,as a conclusion,proposes a set of guidelines for writing a more user-friendly UCP. While this paper suggests writing in plain English,especially avoiding "elegant variations",when making a UCP,the paper itself enjoys elegant variations. The paper is not a rulebook but an academic article. en
dc.language.iso eng ja
dc.publisher 西南学院大学学術研究所 ja
dc.title Call "UCP" UCP when writing UCP -some suggestions to make UCP simpler or less confusing- en
dc.contributor.transcription タカイ, タカヨシ ja-Kana
dc.contributor.alternative Takei, Takayoshi en
dc.publisher.alternative Seinan Gakuin University Academic Research Institute ja
dc.type.niitype Departmental Bulletin Paper ja
dc.identifier.jtitle 西南学院大学英語英文学論集 ja
dc.identifier.volume 50 ja
dc.identifier.issue 1・2・3 ja
dc.identifier.spage 117 ja
dc.identifier.epage 152 ja
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